Qualified Plan Advising, That’s FiduciaryFit

We can keep you FiduciaryFit, providing fiduciary and risk management assistance to companies with qualified retirement/401(k) plans. Our team works with plan trustees and fiduciaries to:

  • Facilitate our signature, eight-step FiduciaryFit Strategy due diligence process
  • Review the fiduciary roles of trustees and investment advisers
  • Maximize the value of your existing vendor
  • Monitor your vendor’s fees, services and effectiveness
  • Monitor plan investments
  • Analyze your fund lineup and recommend changes if needed
  • Review diversification of the plan assets
  • Analyze fees being assessed to the plan
  • Serve as an investment fiduciary to your plan
  • Craft an Investment Policy Statement for your plan
  • Conduct regular plan reviews with your investment committee
  • Provide employee education

We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously, and several of our advisers have attended the Center for Fiduciary Studies and received the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) designation. We employ the investment practices associated with this designation as part of our fiduciary review process.

The responsibility and potential liabilities that come with being a fiduciary to a retirement plan can be extensive. A plan sponsor can never remove itself entirely from this liability, but the risk associated with it can be mitigated by hiring the right adviser who fulfills and accepts his/her fiduciary responsibilities for your plan, and most importantly, regularly meets with your plan committee and documents any actions taken on behalf of your plan and the participants.

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