The NEXT piece — to your peace of mind

What's your Next?

Your financial outlook is constantly evolving, whether it's by windfalls — a new job, a raise, a new home; or by crisis — divorce, bankruptcy, death; or common milestones — marriage, parenthood, retirement. With life's many twists and turns, do you know your Next?

And are you ready for it?

Do you have a plan for your Next? How about the unexpected? Do you know how to move to your Next, achieve your Next, or understand the benefits of your Next? We'll focus on your financial well-being, evolving goals, and lifestyle to prepare you for what's Next — before it even arises.



StratWealth's unique NexitStrategySM includes our Professional Integration stage where we work hand-in-hand with your estate planner, insurance provider and accounting professional to identify any gaps in your financial security map. Imagine having a unified strategy to synchronize every facet of your asset management and ensure your protection — that’s peace of mind

Featured Team Member

Since our founding in 1991, the StratWealth Team has grown to include a broad range of professionals with diverse designations, including: 

Joseph P. Garrison, CFP®, AIF® Joe is a Senior Adviser at StratWealth. He joined StratWealth in 1999 and his past roles include service as Director of the firm’s Investment Research Division, and Chairman of the firm’s Investment Committee…



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